Singer-songwriter and Popgoddess Diva Eve



Singer-songwriter and Popgoddess Diva Eve


After having concentrating on getting my other projects up and running
( Madonna tribute show, the blog, coaching, and getting my business activities
up to speed for promotion)
I am writing on my first book-it's about confidence.
This year I will get more useful motivational literature and music to you,
I am back in the studio recording new tracks, will be coaching with a focus on confidence building and relationship which will all feed the Music.

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2006 highlights

30th July
Partnership walk
Diva Eve and the Forbidden Fruit rock near Birmingham!
Sunday 30th July 2006
Kingsbury Water Park,
Bodymoor Heath Lane,
Bodymoor Heath,
Sutton Coldfield
B76 0DY

Cabaret Confidential
Theatre Museum, Covent garden
Door: 7pm. Show 8pm
£12/10 book tickets:

23rd July Partnership walk gig! 4pm in Regents Park. 2000 people expected. Plus you!

June 06
Diva Eve album launches on AMAZON!

May 06
Diva Eve Trade launch: Music finally available to buy!

album coverDIVA EVE: Who's your Diva?!

Inspirational theatrical pop, melodious easy listening crossed with Jazzy influence. Think Tori Amos & Fiona Apple, then add energetical Dynamite. Warning: may have lasting uplifting effect

Buy the CD


April 06
a new world opens with the new blog:

March 06
pulling together a new marketing strategy
Website development in planning

February 06
new song recordings and strategic planning
Gig at Ginglik

January 06
very busy falling in love. That means new songs!
a new world opens at

September 05
NLP practitioner training

May 05
Diva Eve starts her career in Entertainment Licensing working for 4Kids Entertainment, the second largest Entertainment Licensor after Disney! This is great for my business head.

August 04
Diva Eve rocks the streets of Edinburgh
and flys out to Germany to help young bands
with their performance skills

July 04
compiling the album "shut up and sing"
available from august via website

create t-shirts, available via website: email to order

June 04
continued production with Dunnet Wright music
new demo
meetings with A&R
my new computer changes my life...

May 04
on air for 1 hour at BBC radio
Brighton Festival and a huge write up in the
Brighton papers gigs

March 04
recordings with Geezerbird and Producer Phil Rickman

February 04
production start with Dunnet Wright music
meeting with a publishing director at EMI

January 04 
recordings with producers Dean Heart, Mike and Dan
at Waterside studios in Westminster.
The song will be played to Pete Waterman. oooohhh.

Meet rock and roll veteran Scobie.
I get invited to an r'n'b audition.
yes they called me. that's the way I like it.

December 03
The Popshow at CC Club gets me spotted dancing around
and leads to an invite to the songlink 10 years anniversary party.
I have a good time there and make new contacts.
I send my demos out and ask for feed back.

"really like your voice"
LES MOLLOY (executive producer of Atomic Kittens version of "Lady's night")

October 03
I get to play the new song "How many tears" on BBC radio!
Lovely Sharon Lewis and I wrote this one together.