Singer-songwriter and Popgoddess Diva Eve
Singer-songwriter and Popgoddess Diva Eve
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"as above, so below-life is strange, there you go. Seriously funny sometimes. I only hate cause I love, as below so above, all I want is just to be loved- for who I am."
(there is nothing quite like quoting yourself)

Short and not always sweet:

Diva Eve is a witty and sassy singer-songwriter here to fill your world with inspirational pop with a mission: to connect you to what that makes you feel soo good about yourself.

Born in the land of the great thinkers. Poets, and car companies (Germany), the world is her oyster and she settled where the oyster card makes her world (London). Her music will have both sides of your brain bouncing connecting deep messages with a humorous tone and reversely openly revealing the dark side through sweet melodies that stick in your head like blue tack on the wall. Her background in life coaching and NLP brought her to creating music which will increase your well-being, confidence, motivation and productivity. How does she do it? I challenge you to find out! Her warm rich voice has a seductive timbre and a bit of a range going on.

Apparently she looks a bit like Madonna.

The mission :

To move millions through my down to earth but apparently wacky approach to music and life and connect you to what makes you feel really good about yourself.

(soul digger)

I will sell CDs, market articles and books.

Musical influences:

Billy Joel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Tori Amos, Alanis Morisette, The Divine comedy, Madonna, Patricia Kaas

Inspirations :

Katie Meluah, Eva Cassidy, The Cardigans, Gwen Stephanie on the musical side

Michael Neill, Richard Bandler, Christopher Howard on the coaching side

Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Michael Ende on storytelling and writing